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Knowing Your Audience

Martin Auctioneering specializes in conducting fundraising events for the nonprofit community. During the past two decades, lead auctioneer Don Martin has partnered with nonprofits and is sensitive to their specific needs and audiences. At each fundraising event, Martin Auctioneering focuses on understanding the dynamics, connecting with the audience, and motivating bidders.

Adding Value to the Event

Many factors comprise a successful fundraising auction. Martin Auctioneering offers comprehensive services to entertain your audience and ultimately increase your revenue.

Services include:

  • Auction planning and need evaluation
  • Item selection and pricing
  • Item sequence and time allocation
  • Live auctioning
  • Event evaluation

Reaching Your Audience

Rather than idly presenting to your audience, Martin Auctioneering interacts and establishes a personal connection. Martin Auctioneering believes in entertaining the audience and providing a memorable event. The audience appreciates this focus and tends to increase the generosity of their bidding.

To maximize fundraising revenue,
Martin Auctioneering emphasizes:

  • Entertainment
  • Audience interaction
  • Pacing for the audience
  • Being articulate and easily understandable
	The way Don
 	connects with the
 	audience is astounding.
 	His entertaining,
 	personable approach
 	has helped increase
 	our fundraising
 	50% annually.

Jan McHugh-Smith,
CEO, Humane Society
of Boulder Valley

Increasing Involvement

Martin Auctioneering creates an energetic
atmosphere that will entertain and motivate
your audience. Each event is an opportunity
to bring the audience together and
generously contribute to your cause.

Nonprofit clients include:

  • Boulder County Safe House
  • Dairy Center for the Arts
  • Goodwill Industries
  • Humane Society of Boulder Valley
  • Larimer Humane Society
  • University of Colorado


Don Martin of Martin Auctioneering has
over 20 years experience auctioneering for
private and community events. Along with
extensive fundraising for nonprofits, Don
has assisted in a variety of other auctions
including selling over $10 million of real
estate in New York and selling $2.5 million
in rare coins. Despite this broad experience,
Martin Auctioneering remains dedicated to
serving the nonprofit community.

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Lead Auctioneer Don Martin